Why You Don’t Need to Stage Your Home

woman showing the inside of house to a man
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The notion of the perfect living space that anyone can walk into and picture themselves in is a typical idea held by many realtors that will entice you into spending thousands of dollars on stage furniture for your home–furniture that you don’t even get to use yourself. While this seems like a smart idea, it’s wholly unnecessary for various reasons.

Firstly, staging a home does little to allow the potential buyers to envision their own belongings in the space, but rather acts as a showroom of sorts to illustrate what could be done with the space. While this may seem like a cool idea at first, many staging situations do not take into consideration the structure of the home, its charm, history, and instead dampens the space with generic showroom furniture. This can transform the space into something entirely different from its true potential, and takes away the lived-in feel many buyers look for as a sign of comfort in any home. 


Further, staging a home can be expensive and time consuming. While many realtors partner with organizations or individuals who operate staging services, it’s not a fee built into the asking price, and thus is expected to be paid for by the seller out of pocket as an investment in the goal of attaining more potential buyers. For those looking to take advantage of every cent of equity, and cut costs where unnecessary, staging is one of the first areas to look at. This doesn’t even take into account the time it takes to stage a home, and for those with tight schedules, this can be an added burden.


Generally speaking, the entire process of staging–regardless of cost, time, or effort, is unnecessary in today’s landscape, as cash buyers exist who do not take into consideration furnishings or the current state of the home at all. Cash buyers, such as Cash House Buyer, do not intend on immediately occupying the space, and will often make cosmetic or structural changes to the property after purchase, thus negating the necessity to encapsulate the idea of the perfect home into your space through staging. These buyers operate with the goal of providing convenience to sellers at every step, and this includes preparation and staging being made redundant.

Overall, if you’re looking to sell your home and are looking to avoid these stressful, expensive and time consuming aspects of your home sale, a cash buyer, such as Cash House Buyer might be right for you.

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